ZOOM Classes

Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes are being held online. Please reach out to us at 2kungfu@asma-sc.com or through the "Contact" page to be added to our mailing list.  Please provide your name, which class or classes you would like to attend, the best number to reach you and your email address.  We will send you enrollment information and logon instructions for the classes.



Junior Kung Fu: Monday - Thursday at 4:00PM(PST)


Adult Kung Fu: Monday - Thursday at 6:00PM(PST)


Advanced Kung Fu: Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00PM(PST)


Concerns with Learning online

All Martial arts are physical, and because of this there is a lot of conversation about the validity of learning online. We also have these concerns and would like to give a few notable tips and thoughts to help our students and readers in their search for online training.


Q) Can you learn Martial arts online?


A) Yes and No, you can learn the basics of most martial arts styles online. Finding a good teacher and, more importantly, a Style you like, will improve your ability to learn any martial art online. Remember that since Martial arts is a physical (team) activity, there is only so far you can go online.


Q) How can a teacher help me learn online Martial Arts?


A) The best way to learn online is to find an interactive teacher. If you log onto a video of a teacher on re-run and not a live class, you will not be able to progress very far. Try to find a Live class, preferably with a moderate class size 10 to 20 people. This way the teacher can be more interactive and fix body mechanics during the class. Smaller classes also help teachers answer your question.


Q) What is the highest level of martial arts I can reach online?


A) Keep in mind that most martial arts styles have two purposes. First, we want to get into a healthy shape and stay healthy for a better and more productive/happier life. Second is to be able to defend ourselves from others or be more reactive in dangerous situations. Although most people think martial arts is all about winning a fight, most of us are rarely in that situation. Instead, most martial arts work on getting the body into a ready state so that you are prepared for the future. For staying in shape online is a perfectly reasonable option, and may be preferable depending on your current health, but without training in person it will be next to impossible to anticipate and defend yourself.


Q) Should I ask questions during a Live class or just follow along?


A) Every teacher has their own way of moderating questions. It is best to try to arrive early to a class and ask the teacher, either verbally or through chat or messaging, what they would like. In general questions are always good for the class. Your question may help someone else. Questions only become an issue if they are off topic or happening so often they are derailing the class. For your first week of class just try and follow along. Ask questions if anything causes you sharp pain.


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